Weston McKennie hails Manchester United star as a great teammate

Photo: Getty images

Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie has hailed Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo as a great teammate.

McKennie, who played a year with Ronaldo at Juventus, said: “Unbelievable to play with him. Everyone has the image of him being arrogant and thinking only about work. But he’s a guy who enjoys working, he likes it.

“But he also enjoys time outside, with his family. He has a different way of taking care of his body. We would come back from playing away maybe at 3am and train the next morning.

“The others went to the locker room, changed and went home. I hate ice bathing; He would undress, put a towel on his neck and go ice bathing. He told me: come with me, it’s good for you, if you don’t want to do 5 minutes, do 20-30 seconds, let’s stay there and talk and I couldn’t say no!

“We would stay there and talk about the game. In the first two months I still didn’t believe I was playing with a legend like him, but then after you pass being a fan is better for a professional. I started behaving normally, we laughed and made jokes.”