Casemiro explains why it’s important that Brazil win the World Cup in Qatar

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United midfielder Casemiro is eager to win the World Cup with Brazil because the Brazilian people are passionate about football.

“I think it’s widely acknowledged that it’s the most important competition in the world. Everyone just stops what they’re doing to watch the matches, especially the ones involving Brazil,” he said.

“The really important thing here is to be able to give the Brazilian people the joy and happiness of winning a World Cup, because we know that there is just so much passion for football in Brazil.

“There are always differences in the world and in the country, differences in class, differences in everything, but when you talk about Brazilian football, football in Brazil is when everyone unites and gets together.

“So without a doubt, it’s a privilege first and foremost, and I’m really fortunate to be able to represent my country and I am aware of how important it is to represent my country, not just in a World Cup, but whenever I play for Brazil.”