‘He’s a quality player and I enjoy watching him but he has one or two bad habits’ – Roy Keane and Graeme Souness give verdict on Manchester United star

Photo: ITV

Graeme Souness and Roy Keane both praised the quality of Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes but suggest Fernandes’ gesticulations on the pitch shows he is not quite yet within the elite class of midfielders.

Speaking on ITV in the build-up to Portugal’s clash with Ghana, Souness said: “He [Fernandes] has got the abilities you need, appears to have the right attitude when it comes to apologising to supporters when he doesn’t do well and being brave enough to get in front of the camera, it’s admirable.

“But the thing he has to do to go up another level, the thing he has to get out of his game is what he [Keane] is talking about [petulance]. That’ll be taken out of him on the training ground.

“Another thing I don’t like is him in possession, he’s pointing to where you should be moving to. Just play the ball son, get on with it! Throwing your hands up and shrugging your shoulders when someone doesn’t pass to you – you don’t get top players doing that.”

Fellow pundit Keane had previously agreed with the suggestion that his on-field antics would annoy his teammates, stating: “He’s got one or two bad habits, but again, big stage for him. So much talent, he is a quality player, I do like watching him.

“But he’s got into this habit of putting his arms up in the air and pointing at people and he needs to go up another level. He’s got an opportunity with Portugal but I always want more from him. But in terms of talent, he’s got loads of it.”