Ryan Babel tells World Cup star with 12 goals and 15 assists to snub Man United and join Liverpool or Arsenal instead

Photo: Getty images

Former Liverpool winger Ryan Babel has told his fellow countryman Cody Gakpo to snub Manchester United for Liverpool.

Gakpo has been in electric form for Eredivisie side PSV this season, with 12 goals and 15 assists across all competitions.

He has also scored three goals in three games at the World Cup for the Netherlands.

Babel told The Athletic: “You see him linked to clubs in England, such as Manchester United. Everyone has the right price so let’s see how he develops in the tournament. 

“He has shown enough quality that he is ready for the next step, whether it’s in January or next summer.

“As a Liverpool fan, I would tell him to go to Liverpool if they make an approach!

“Arsenal would also be an incredible team for him, with the current manager and the project that they’re building. He has to follow his heart.”

Babel added: “When you are a young Dutch player, it is flattering to be linked to big clubs in England, but going from the Dutch league to the Premier League is a big step. Not every player is able to adapt and able to survive in the Premier League.

“There are a lot of players who are written as the next star, then they go to the Premier League and they can’t cope. Dutch mentality is different to English mentality, and you have to learn a new set of rules.

“In terms of pace, physicality, and the different game styles both you and the opponent will play week-to-week. Also the travelling, the preparation, it’s a lot to deal with.

“When I went to Liverpool in my twenties it was like a whole new world opened. In Holland, when I was at Ajax I still lived at home with my parents and then not only was I living abroad but living by myself too.

“It was hard not to lag behind, learning the rules of Liverpool and the English culture and the Premier League as a whole. If I was to advise Gakpo, I would say, “Choose your next club based on their style of playing.”

“If a club like Manchester United comes calling, you first have to picture yourself playing well with that setup, rather than just seeing the name.

“You have to look at the style of playing and the demands of the coach and ask yourself if can execute to a high level.”