Guardiola aims dig at Manchester United after Manchester United win Carabao Cup

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola aimed a dig at Manchester United following Manchester United’s Carabao Cup triumph on Sunday by saying Manchester United went six years without a trophy because the Red Devils didn’t spend despite the Red Devils splashing out nearly £700m in the last five seasons.

While criticis have always claimed Manchester City have been successful because they have spent heavily, Manchester United have spent £685million over the last five years compared to £660million spent by City in the same period.

Those figures may be relatively close but when looking at net spending in that time the difference is more stark, with United’s being £527million and City’s £162million.

Speaking at a press conference, Guardiola said: “Congratulations to United for the Carabao Cup and to Newcastle as well – the game was entertaining.

“Sooner or later it should happen, shouldn’t it? It should happen. Welcome.”

Asked if United could now kick on and become serious title challengers, Guardiola said: “If they spend a little more money, yes! It’s because they didn’t spend, isn’t it?

“It’s normal, they’re in the position they normally should be. The reality is that two teams, Liverpool and ourselves, have done incredibly well in the numbers.

“When I landed here I thought United would always be there, for the history, for everything, and Erik is doing an incredible job.

“It’s normal. United have to be there. Always having been opponents we were better in the previous seasons and now it’s closer. Anything can happen in the Premier League.”