Manchester United receive warning ahead of Liverpool vs Manchester United clash

Manchester United Premier League

Arsenal legend Martin Keown has warned Manchester United that Liverpool will produce a good performance when both sides meet this weekend at Anfield.

“I just think this is a great game for Liverpool because they can try and put their season right in almost one game here,” Keown said on talkSPORT.

“Liverpool haven’t been great this season, they’re in a temporary blip I think, but look what they’ve done in recent years.

“Maybe there was a bit of burn-out there but they’ve had a good rest and a good look at this fixture. I think they’re going to be in really good form on Sunday.

“The atmosphere in that stadium will be incredible. Liverpool beat Wolves last time out, they drew to Crystal Palace away, they beat Newcastle and Everton… they’re on a little run and this is a huge game for them.

“Manchester United think they’re coming back and there’s a lot of confidence there, but this is so new to them that I don’t think they can be that confident of going there and winning at Anfield.”