Pundit admits he was wrong about ‘annoying’ Manchester United star

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has admitted he was wrong about Manchester United star Lisandro Martinez.

“I think Lisandro Martinez is one of those players who, if you’re playing against him, would annoy the life out of you,” Souness told the Daily Mail. “He’s a feisty so-and-so isn’t he?

“The phrase ‘argue in an empty house’ comes to mind! He’d have an argument with himself, looking in the mirror! But team-mates react to that.

“I thought he would be exposed when he arrived at United, because of his size and relative lack of pace. I have to hold my hands up, there. But he obviously has a real football brain and that “lead from the front” mentality.

“You can see it in him. Everyone on the pitch, he wants to have an argument with. I love to see that.

“Casemiro’s got a bit of it in him, too. They’re the ones who can carry the flag. And then, behind them, you’ve got others suddenly ready to stand up and be counted.

“I like the way Erik ten Hag has reinstated discipline. These are the kinds of qualities I always remember when we went up against Manchester United.”