Liverpool star reveals Liverpool’s plan to stop Manchester United star at Anfield on Sunday

Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed how Liverpool intend to stop Marcus Rashford when both teams meet at Anfield on Sunday.

“The only thing that’s really changed is he’s probably scored a lot more recently but he’s the same player, he’s always a threat and I’m sure he will be a threat on Sunday,” Alexander-Arnold said.

“It will be a tough game but it’s one I’m looking forward to and it will be a good test.

“It’s difficult [to stop Rashford]. He’s a player who’s got a lot of weapons in his arsenal but I think it’s more of a team effort, it won’t be just a one-on-one thing.

“They’ll have more than just Marcus going forward, it’s a team thing and as long the team wins on Sunday, that’s all I’m bothered about.”