‘Top players make others better’ – Leicester City boss compares Leicester City star to Manchester United star

Photo: Getty images

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has compared Leicester City star James Maddison to Manchester United star Casemiro.

“He is a very important player for us but it is about the team, James gives another dimension to the team,” Leicester boss Rodgers said about Maddison on Friday.

“Top players make others better and if you look at any team – Casemiro when he comes in for Manchester United – it’s no coincidence when he plays they look a much different team. Why? Because he’s a top player.

“That’s where James has grown to. James is a very influential player for us but it cannot just be about him.

“Others have to step forward and show the personality, the work and belief he does.

“What he does, when playing, that spreads around the team. He never hides from the ball, he has that courage to accept that responsibility and that will get the team playing but it’s not just his [responsibility], it’s everyone’s.”