What Manchester United must do to beat Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday

Manchester United Premier League

Manchester United legend Gary Neville still believes Liverpool can cause United major problems despite their poor form when both sides meet on Sunday.

Neville insists Manchester United must be at their absolute best to beat Liverpool on Sunday.

Neville said: “I’m not saying that the Manchester United players will be worried about going there on Sunday,’ Neville continued.

“Anyone who’s been to Anfield before and most of that team have, if not all of them, will know how difficult it is and how it can all go wrong.

“That crowd can get on top of you and make it difficult for you in that first part of the game.

“Manchester United on Sunday will have to be at their absolute best and more to beat Liverpool irrespective of the form Liverpool are in.”

He added: “I do feel this is a Liverpool that this Manchester United team could damage.”