Pundit confident Liverpool will beat Manchester United at Anfield

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has claimed he’s confident Liverpool will beat Manchester United today at Anfield.

“Normally you would focus on what you have to do and where Liverpool are right now this game comes along at the pefect time,” said Souness, following defeats for rivals Tottenham and Newcastle.

“What a perfect time to put a marker down, to shout all the Doubting Thomas’ up and damage United.

“But the priority for Liverpool is to turn up today. It was only 12 days ago that Liverpool played Real Madrid and people were saying they were back after that first 45 minutes. Okay they fell apart in the second half but Liverpool are capable of that. They did it 12 days ago.

“I fully expect them to do that today and it’s a long time Kelly since I’ve been this confident of a Liverpool win against United. I just feel they’re going to turn up today. I think they’ll be bang on it today.

“You ask these two chaps here [Neville and Keane] if it’s easy to play here as a United player…this is a difficult place for United to come and I think the crowd will play their part as well.”