Man United star told his days at Man United are numbered following calamitous performance against Liverpool

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Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has been warned his days at Manchester United are numbered following his calamitous performance in Sunday’s 7-0 defeat by Liverpool.

Ian Wright told Premier League Productions: “When you look at the capitulation of the team it’s a reflection of the captain. When I saw Bajetic go past him and he stopped that was the last straw because when you look at his histrionics he’s someone who wouldn’t last (in the dressing rooms I played in).

“The captain is a special person in there. When you watch someone like Roy Keane, a performance like that must hurt him deeply with what he’s had to go through to get to that accolade, to see a Man United captain do that playing as if he’s got the world on his shoulders and not inspiring his teammates to try and salvage something.

“To see the captain like that, he cannot be… the way Ten Hag has setting that team up he doesn’t fit in the mold of Ten Hag and how he wants his team to go forward.”

“I think his histrionics have kicked on a bit more since Ronaldo is not in the dressing room. Maybe he would look across and see Ronaldo and not act as openly as that.

“He seemed to quieten himself down when Ronaldo was there and now Ronaldo’s gone he feels he’s the boss of that dressing room. I look at that dressing room and try to think what player would walk up to him to eyeball him to put him in his place.

“It looks to me like that captain needs that. There’s a lot of problems to me when you look at that performance from him. I don’t know who is going to bring that guy in line.”