Marcus Rashford reacts to claims Manchester United players gave up against Liverpool

Photo: Getty images

Marcus Rashford has denied claims that Manchester United players gave up during the 7-0 defeat to Liverpool last Sunday.

“We didn’t give up, that’s nonsense,” Rashford told a press conference before United’s Europa League clash with Real Betis.

“We were unorganised, yes, communication was bad, yes, that’s why we conceded the goals. But it comes down to the fact that I believe everyone was trying to get back into the game that much, we came away from the team’s principles in and out of possession.”

“I felt like the forwards were just trying to press as a unit but we weren’t connected with the midfield. And then the same with the midfield and the defence. We were trying to get a grip of the game at 2-0 and 3-0, we were talking but I don’t think we were really in agreement of what to do.”

Rashford added: “Listen, it’s happened and the only thing we can do is learn from it and move on. I’m happy and grateful we have another game quickly because we have an opportunity to take a step forward from the last game and put it behind us.”