Manchester United told reason why Bruno Fernandes cannot be captain of the club

Photo: Getty images

Despite his excellent form this season, Sam Allardyce has revealed why Bruno Fernandes cannot be Manchester United captain.

Speaking to William Hill, Allardyce said: “Well, he’s like that though isn’t he, he’s temperamental. It’s in his nature, isn’t it? He waves his arms about, we had enough of that with him last year as if it wasn’t his fault.

“It’s his temperament; it’s the way he shows his emotions and waves his hands, which, as a manager, is the last thing that you want. He’s a technically brilliant player, but he might not have leadership qualities.

“You’ve got to pick out leadership qualities in your side and those qualities come in many forms. You can’t put the best player as captain if he’s not a leader because you might destroy his game.

“Some players might turn around and say: ‘Why don’t you shut your mouth? You’re playing rubbish aren’t you, so what are you telling me for?'”