Erik ten Hag blasts referee and VAR after Manchester United’s goalless draw against Southampton

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is not impressed with how referees and VAR is working in the Premier League, after Casemiro was shown a straight red card in the goalless draw with Southampton on Sunday.

Casemiro was initially shown a yellow card for the challenge on Southampton attacker Charly Alcaraz but after the referee was told to consult the pitch-side monitor, the yellow was upgraded to a red card.

“What I think is the inconsistency. Players don’t know anymore what is the policy,” Ten Hag said. “It’s all across this weekend in the Premier League, Leicester v Chelsea VAR is not coming on the line but today it’s coming on the line.

“Then two penalty decisions but they don’t come to the line, especially the first one for me was clear and obvious handball. What is the policy?

“It’s another inconsistency. Referees came at start of season with a policy that we are the Premier League, we are strong here, we want intensity.

“Casemiro is across European leagues and in 500 games no red card but now he has it twice. He plays tough but he plays fair and also in this he played fair, same against Crystal Palace. It’s very debateable.

“Casemiro is…everyone who knows something about football eh? Of course when you visit [the VAR screen] it looks bad but everyone who has acted at top football what is bad and what is fair, I tell you he’s a very fair player. Tough but fair. So when it shows over 500 games in big leagues, never sent off.”