Manchester United fans urged to be patient with Manchester United star

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend Andrei Kanchelskis has urged Manchester United fans to be patient with Manchester United forward Antony.

Brazilian Antony arrived at Old Trafford from Ajax for a whopping £86million last summer.

Kanchelskis told Ladbrokes Fanzone via The Sun: “My advice for Man United fans is to please just be patient with Antony.

“I really believe the club have a great player in him – there’s no question about it. His problem right now is finding that consistency. One game he’s great, the next? Not so good.

“But he’s still so young and I’m confident he can go on to be a success at United.”

He continued: “Consistency is such a hard thing to find, though.

“In fact, there’s only one player I can think of during my time at the club, who I can honestly say was consistently good in every single match, and that was Denis Irwin.

“He’s the only player I know who was at the same level in every game. I would say to all players – including Antony – that Irwin is the level of consistency you should strive for.

“I’m very lucky to say I played with him; he’s a great guy.”

Kanchelski added: “Antony needs time, and that’s all I ask of Man United fans: give him time. I’m sure after one season playing in England – which is a really tough place to adapt to and settle in – he can go on to be a real success. Wait for him, please; he’s a great player. 

“When I first moved to England, it was a completely different experience for me, compared to anything I’d been used to.

“When I think back to some of the names I came up against, those tough, old-school, English centre-backs, the Tony Dorigos and so on… it was a really tough experience.

“My English wasn’t the best at the time, but I can remember hearing and understanding exactly what Vinnie Jones said when I first faced him and he called me a f* w!

“It was a shock to the system so I’d be lying if I didn’t say it took me some time to get used to. But I got there, and I’m grateful for my time in England, and the support I got from Man United and Everton fans.

“I thank them so much, because I know at times I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be, but they stuck by me… and that’s what I’m asking them to do with Antony.”