‘You’ve been embarrassing and a DISGRACE’ – Paul McGrath tells Manchester United star

Manchester United
Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester United star Paul McGrath has branded Bruno Fernandes a “disgrace” this season.

Writing in the Sunday World, McGrath stated: “Bruno Fernandes has a chance to redeem himself by leading Manchester United to FA Cup glory this season.

“I don’t like to criticise players or managers, but Fernandes has to appreciate what wearing the United captain’s armband means when the going gets tough.

“This is one of the great football clubs in the world and too often, he has gone missing when the tide has turned against United.

“Don’t get me wrong, Fernandes is a great player who can open up a game with a moment of magic or a brilliant goal when he is at his best.

“Then we saw him at Anfield waving his arms in frustration and looking like he had given up when United got battered 7-0 by Liverpool earlier this month.

“The video of him rolling around on the floor pretending he has been hit in the face in that game when, in reality, a stray arm had brushed off his shoulder was embarrassing.

“I’m not sure if he has got kids, but how could he go home and look back at that on his TV without feeling shame?

“A player in that position needs to set an example for those watching him lead Manchester United and instead, he disgraced himself in that incident.

“Hopefully Fernandes looks back on that and realises he can’t do that because if I was caught cheating in that way, I wouldn’t want to show my face in public for three weeks!”