Usain Bolt reveals conversation with Erik ten Hag during Old Trafford visit

Usain Bolt thanked Erik ten Hag for bringing the ‘glory days back’ to Manchester United during his visit to Old Trafford on Sunday.

The fastest man on earth was at Old Trafford on Sunday as Manchester United beat Fulham 3-1 in the FA Cup.

Manchester United wil now face Brighton in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, having already won the Carabao Cup earlier this season.

“The first thing I said to him was ‘thank you’,” Bolt said as per Metro. “That’s the first thing I said and he was like ‘thanks for what?’ I was like ‘for bringing the glory days back’.

“I actually asked him about who we’re going to bring in in the summer and he was like ‘do you have any ideas?’ It was a nice, simple but fun conversation.

“It feels good to watch Manchester now. The team is together, they’re as one. They’re working together, they’re working hard and you can see the purpose now, you can see the determination in the way they play.

“I was very happy with his progress and I can tell that he’s going to do a lot more. We have a lot more trophies in our future so I’m excited.

“It’s just been a wonderful season to watch our players. Everybody’s just improving and getting better.”