Manchester United told to give Mason Greenwood the opportunity to ‘rebuild and move forward with his young life’

Mason Greenwood
Photo: Getty images

Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood ‘should be allowed to move forward’ and revive his career, his representative has claimed.

Greenwood has not played for Manchester United since he was arrested in January 2022 and later charged with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Charges of attempted rape and assault were dropped against the United forward last month.

Following the announcement, Manchester United said they would conduct their own investigation ‘before determining next steps’, having suspended the player from playing or training following his arrest.

Some European clubs have already expressed interest in signing Greenwood, with Manchester United believed to have rejected offers from Turkey as the club’s internal investigation continue.

A representative of Greenwood told The Athletic: “Mason is 21, he has been cleared and should be allowed the opportunity to rebuild and move forward with his young life.”

Greenwood is also believed to be desperate to revive his career, with a source telling The Athletic that he would “run through a brick wall” to be back on the pitch for Manchester United.