‘He’ll have plenty of options because he’s a world-class player’ – Man United already in talks to sign £100million player

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The representatives of Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane will already be in contact with interested clubs including Manchester United ahead of a summer transfer move, according to Jamie Redknapp.

Kane, 29, has 15 months to run on his Tottenham deal and talks are yet to be opened over an extension. That’s owing to Kane’s hesitance over staying at the club, who he joined as a 11-year-old.

“In less than a year he can sign a free contract with somebody. His negotiators will be talking to clubs and clubs will know the situation,” Redknapp told Sky Sports.

“That’s how football works – we bury our heads in the sand and say it’s not but he’ll have plenty of options because he’s a world-class player.

“I would say this is Kane’s last chance to secure a big transfer, yes. This is a big opportunity to go if he wants to. He’s a Tottenham fan, he adores the club and there’s no doubt that, if he does go, it would be with a heavy heart.

“While there’s this chaos at Tottenham, it doesn’t help your cause of keeping your star player. Every year you’re getting a new manager in and he’s probably thinking: ‘What’s the point of this?’ You need some continuity – that’s conducive to success.”

“You’re not really in a strong position to negotiate if you’re Tottenham. It felt like Tottenham made the move to get Jose Mourinho and Conte to try to get that trophy, almost for Kane,” Redknapp added.

“But the fact these two managers – who are serial winners – haven’t worked, you start to question: ‘Well, who can actually win at this club?’

“The potential is there but it’s just not being realised right now. The culture at the club doesn’t seem to be right in terms of being a winning mentality.”