Manchester United goalkeeper reveals the Manchester United player with the strongest mentality

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United goalkeeper Tom Heaton has revealed the Manchester United player with the strongest mentality.

According to Heaton, four-time Champions League-winning defender Raphael Varane has the strongest mentality in the Manchester United dressing room.

Heaton also revealed that whenever the Frenchman speaks the entire dressing room pays attention, despite him not being the club’s captain.

Speaking to Manchester United’s official website, Heaton said: “Of course, you don’t play for Manchester United without being strong mentally, I think that pretty much goes throughout the squad.

“But I’m going to go with Rapha (Raphael Varane) with what he’s done in the past at other clubs and his performances since he’s walked through the door here.

“He has a really strong mentality with how he goes about it, how he performs in all the games he plays, whatever he’s doing day-to-day. He’s not massively outspoken but when he speaks, people usually listen.”