‘Manchester United are talking like a midtable club’

Manchester United Premier League

Manchester United are operating like a ‘midtable club’ in the transfer market because the Glazers treat the club like a ‘toy’.

This is according to Manchester United legend Gary Neville.

“It’s just a game for them, they think it’s a toy!” said Neville.

“Of course they’re going to sell. They’re desperate for money.

“They can’t even compete on FFP anymore. Man Utd are talking like a midtable club when it comes to the transfer market. Man Utd turn over £500m, one of the highest revenue generating clubs in the world.

“Chelsea, Arsenal can sign big players, Man Utd are scrambling around on FFP. I know they’ve had losses on Covid and that could be thrown as an excuse

“Today was a fantastic game but it won’t change the fact that they’ve got owners of one of the biggest clubs in the world who are messing around with the football club and I’m not going to stop talking about it because it’s a massive problem.”

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