‘Bro thinks it’s 2009’: Fans mock Berbatov for saying Manchester United will win the league

In his recently released Premier League predictions, former Manchester United striker, Dimitar Berbatov wrote off Liverpool from among the Premier League title contenders.

Berbatov, however named Manchester United and Chelsea as his favourites to win the title this season. Man United are currently in 13th place, and Chelsea are 14th on the table.

“I think the Premier League champions will be Manchester United or Chelsea,” the Bulgarian told Betfair.

This prediction literally had fans in stitches. See some fan reactions below

21stcenturycherryboy. “Bro is making predictions for the 2006/07 season.’

Flavius98x:. “Bro is using Internet Explorer and thinks it’s 2009.”

Tintonmakadangdang: “l get why he said United, being their ex-player and still loving them. But Chelsea? I had them finishing the bottom half before the season even started.”

Matfalko: “He didn’t specify the year though.”

SuperTekkers: “Chelsea will probably spend another half-billion in January to at least make sure they stay off relegation.”

Tristam92: “He was talking about PL U18s.”