Paul Merson names the three major title contenders. See where he placed Manchester United

Photo: Sky Sports

Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson has overlooked Manchester United, but rather named rivals Liverpool and Arsenal as ‘the only contenders’ who can compete with Manchester City for the Premier League title this season.

Merson says that it will be a three-horse race for top spot:

“Liverpool and Arsenal are the only contenders for Manchester City this season. Liverpool were poor against Wolves first half, really poor. But they came out in the second half and blew Wolves away. The problem is you can’t be doing that against the better teams.

“You don’t want to be going to the Emirates or the Etihad and playing like that, the game would be all over in the first half. You’ve just got to stick with Man City for as long as you can. Every game that goes by, you have to make sure you’re three points away from them, tops.”