Zaha reveals why he was very happy to score against Manchester United

Photo: Serkan Hacioglu/ dia images via Getty Images

Galatasaray forward Wilfried Zaha has described playing and scoring in his side’s  Champions League win over Manchester United ‘as a dream come true’.

The Turkish side recorded a 3-2 victory in a pulsating encounter at Old Trafford, with the Ivorian among the goalscorers.

“Dreams come true, really,” Zaha told TNT Sports.

“I’m happy to be playing in this competition, and it’s a good night for me.

“I just wanted a good enough ball for it to drop for me to hit it, really, and I was waiting and holding the defender off for a while, and I’m happy it went in.

“It literally is everything I dreamed of. Even things like coming here on the bus, the music before the game starts, the stars on the ball… I’ve finally made it here, and there’s nothing like it.

“It’s playing between the best and it’s a chance to showcase my talent between the best – ‘it’s here to decide whether you’re good or not. Days like today are what it’s all about for me.”

The Ivorian’s two-year spell at Old Trafford was unsuccessful as he managed just four appearances, before a loan spell at Cardiff and eventually joining Crystal Palace.