Bruno Fernandes reveals how long he wants to play for Manchester United

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has revealed he wants to play for the club until 2030 when Portugal will host the World Cup Along with Spain and Morocco.

“I don’t think about ending [career], but the competition is getting tougher and tougher,” the Man United captain said, as quoted by RTP.

“Increasingly, clubs are investing in youth teams, so that more players come [to the national team]. At that time [of the 2030 World Cup] it will be even more competitive, but, if I’m fit, and I’m at a level that is the minimum acceptable to be here, I hope to be here.

“Representing the national team in a major competition and in the country itself is very special. I hope to be present.”

At the time of the World Cup in 2030, Fernandes will already be 35 years old. Apparently the player would want to keep playing at the highest level.

If the Portuguese stays at the club through all that time means that he would’ve spent just over a decade at Old Trafford since joining in January 2020.