Solskjaer reveals he’s ready to come back and solve problems

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admits he’s eager to return to the dugout despite the fact he recently took up a new role as a UEFA technical observer.

The Norwegian is keen on a new challenge that would see him learn a new culture and a new language despite the lure of the Premier League.

He recently told The Athletic: “I’m doing a lot of coaching, four times per week, and we have three teams. I’m helping the kids, who enjoy it. You see a different side to football, the grassroots – except it’s all plastic pitches here. You see the brightness in their eyes, they listen to you, they want to learn.

“But you start to miss it (professional football) when you see the games, either in person or on television.

“Since I left United, I’ve travelled around as a fan with my kids, going to places like Napoli, Milan and Dortmund to experience games. We loved it.

“My role with UEFA means watching Champions League matches in person. I can watch teams from a different perspective than being a manager: analyse them, solve problems, see how both teams will try to hurt each other.”

He added: “I’ve had offers [to return]. Most recently, two from Saudi Arabia. My best mate, who is also my agent, sifts through them. If you’ve managed Man United, you put your own criteria about what you want to work with.

“I love England and the Premier League. Even the Championship feels stronger than ever, but I don’t feel bound to England. Maybe a different challenge where I need to experience a new culture and learn a new language.”