‘I don’t know what they are’: Michael Owen explains his major worry about Ten Hag’s Manchester United

Photo: Getty images

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Pundit Michael Owen insists Manchester United lack an identity and went further to question our playing philosophy under Erik ten Hag.

The former Liverpool and Manchester United striker feel the United project is vague, and doesn’t actually give any clear indication of what the club is building.

When asked about his thoughts on Man United’s performances this season, Michael Owen told DAZN bet: “The one thing that I say to people is that if you put Man City in front of me and changed the colours of their shirts and the faces of the players, I could watch them for about 30 seconds and say ‘that’s Man City playing’.

“I could do the same with Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and virtually every other team. They just have an identity, but I watch United and still don’t know what they are.

“I don’t know if they are a counter-attacking team, I don’t know if they are a possession team, I don’t know if they press from the front. I don’t feel they have this identity of what other teams have got.

“That’s my worry as I don’t know where their destination is, I don’t know what the end-game is, I don’t know what they are building, they are just a bit of everything at the moment.”