Manchester United high-earning star looks moody and unhappy

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Newcastle United legend and Premier League icon Alan Shearer has said Marcus Rashford looks moody and unhappy this season.

Rashford was the team’s star player last season, banging in goals for fun, but it’s been a different scenario this season.

Rashford is without a goal in his last 12 games for Manchester United.

Alan Shearer believes Rashford isn’t in the right frame of mind.

When asked why Rashford is currently out of form for United, Shearer told Premier League productions: “I think the simple answer is we don’t know because we’re not within the football club.

“But what we’re looking at is someone who clearly looks very unhappy.

“He looks moody, and when that’s the case you’re never going to perform at your best.

“Whether he feels he’s better than what’s at Old Trafford at this moment in time, I don’t know. Whether he feels let down by recruitment because he went to another levels in terms of his goals last year. The club haven’t gone to it this season which maybe he wanted or expected to.

“You’re not seeing a happy footballer, you’re not seeing a happy person at this moment in time in Marcus Rashford. He looks a different player for England than he does for Manchester United.”

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