‘Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t behave like someone who’s played with me’ – Man United legend claims

Photo: Getty images

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville has reacted after he was snubbed by Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo before Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over West Ham.

Ronaldo drew public criticism from Neville for refusing to come off the United bench during their statement win over Tottenham earlier in the month.

Neville has been brutally mocked by fellow pundit Micah Richards after he was blanked by former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here is what was said by Neville in a video posted by Richards on social media:

Micah Richards: How does it feel to be blanked by your mate?

Gary Neville: [To Keane] He said how does it feel to be blanked. I’m expecting you [Keane] to…

Roy Keane: You’re delighted he’s blanking you, because that means you’re…

Gary Neville: It just tells us something, though, he’s watching. It means he’s watched. I think if I had 570million followers on Instagram, then I wouldn’t be arsed about Gary Neville.

Micah Richards: He was an ex-teammate, though. Come on.

Gary Neville: Yeah, I know, but he doesn’t behave like someone who’s played with me, or him [Keane] for that matter.

Micah Richards: Honestly, he [Keane] won’t say a bad word about Ronaldo. Honestly.